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Welcome to our solar panel store. Buy solar PV systems for your business or home.

Whether you are a solar contractor or a home owner, provides product direct from manufacturers as a solar distributor at price discounts most other distributors can not meet. 

Solar Contractors- We provide 100% of system components, whether your company is just starting out or a well established solar contractor, we can provide value in product procurement of well priced systems of high quality product.

Why Buy from As most successful contractors will tell you, most electrical distributors know little about there specialty products and provide them at huge mark ups. We couldn't agree more, we hear it almost every day, that's why contractors are switching where they buy there solar products from. is built to save solar contractors time and money, all while making sure our contractors have the right product to ensure there project starts off on the right foot.

Solar Contractor: " streamlined my design process and saved me around 10% over the distributor I was buying from in the past, helping me spend more time getting jobs and helping push my company over the $1 Million mark."  Jack Nelson-M8 Electric

DIYer's- With kits from you will receive all the product needed to do your job including electrical components most kits do not supply. These kits from other distributors are designed by people that have never installed a system, at we have spent time in the field as well as working closely with our installation network making sure we get the product that makes installation easy and most important code compliant.

Home Owner: "After having my friend buy a kit from "*************.com" and seemingly have problems all along the way, we decided to buy ours from and the kit showed up with panels, inverters, wire, racking, electrical components, detailed instructions &  a bit of customer service (thanks mike). My friend who bought from "**************.com" who is an electrical contractor is now buying 2-3 systems a year from these guys." Pat Wright- Homeowner